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Summer Whites: Organza Dress

Hi friends! Today's feature is one of my favorites, the Organza Dress. This dress is made of lightweight organza that is airy and breathable so it's perfect for the summer heat. Organza is typically a sheer fabric so this dress has a thin white lining underneath. (Nobody needs their undergarments showing through at work or church, am I right?!) Although it's lightweight, this dress is structured and will create a flattering silhouette on various body types. It also has the most darling bell ... Read the Post

Photos by Jake Hi everyone, Jake here. Thanks for reading Courtney’s blog. We really enjoy taking these photos and I’m glad so many of you are enjoying them too. Some of her wonderful readers, that’s you 😉, have asked for more specific information about how we get her photos. I’m happy to share, but keep in mind that I’m not a professional, just stubborn enough to keep chipping away at something until I’m happy with the results. I’ll explore equipment and composition in ... Read the Post