Little White Dress

Everyone seems to be talking about back-to-school and Fall quickly approaching but Summer is still in full swing here in Alabama. The temperature has been in the upper 90s with the heat index in the 100s the past few days. Needless to say, it’s REALLY HOT. With temps and humidity levels so high, it can be be difficult finding dresses that are work-appropriate and still cool enough to beat the heat. This little white dress by HYFVE is classic, comfortable, and perfect for Summer. I paired it with neutral accessories including my favorite pair of block heel sandals that are only $28 at Red Dress Boutique.

Size & Fit

This dress runs true to size and is approximately 32 inches long. One thing to be aware of is that the neckline is a deep-v. There is a small button closure but I wanted a bit more coverage so my sweet mom sewed the neckline up for me.

style by courtney little white dress

style by courtney little white dress

style by courtney little white dress

style by courtney little white dress

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Here are some of my other favorite little white dresses:

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  1. Absolutely love this dress with the nude combo! It gets really hot and the most important things when it comes to dresses are: they shouldn’t be 100% Polyester (otherwise I’m a stinking wreck :D), they shouldn’t be too short and they shouldn’t be too tight. The combo you picked looks perfect! :-*

  2. What a great look for summer! There’s nothing that says warm weather more than the little white dress. The combo you chose is perfect .. I love how it flows and also the pairing with nude shoes. Beautiful you! x

  3. Such a pretty dress, and you’re right, totally perfect for work in the summer! I love the nude accessories. They add a really dainty feel and really finish off the outfit!

  4. I am seriously loving this dress! It looks amazing on you. And I’m not just saying that. It looks so refined. I love it.

  5. What a stunning outfit, Courtney! Summer is still here as well (it’s been surprisingly warm in the UK this year so far – it might rain tomorrow now that I’ve probably jinxed it now lol). This dress is an utter perfection! <3 Love the length but thanks for warning us about the neckline. I don't like it when dresses are too revealing. Yours looks gorgeously finished <3
    xox Nadia

  6. Love the breezy white dress. It looks lovely on you and looks pretty comfortable as well. I would definitely wear this. The shoes are really nice too. The outfit works :-).

  7. I love love LOVE wearing white dresses. I can’t get enough of them. This one is gorgeous. And I totally get what you mean about summer. I am in Texas and it won’t be mildly chilly over here until October / November. Bring on the dresses.

  8. What a great dress! Sadly white and I don’t work together! lol! It makes me look a bit off color and inevitably I will spill on it. LOL!

  9. Definitely not my style or color but it looks cute on you! I like the watch you paired to go with the outfit, the gold and white is a nice combo together for the outfit and jewelry.

  10. This is beautiful. I love the look. I have always shied away from whites because I felt it made me look bigger. But this looks so chic on you.

  11. Little white dresses are so underrated! I love the neutral pairing. You look chic and cool! I hope the weather calmed down, I live in the desert so I understand!

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