Saving for Luxury with Louboutin

I am all about affordable fashion but every now and then I splurge on a designer piece. I only do this after I’ve budgeted and set money aside to save for the purchase. I also only splurge on items that truly are investment pieces of high quality that will last a lifetime. After saving for several months, I finally bit the bullet and bought these Louboutin Praguoise Spike Booties. I wear boots almost every day in the colder months so I’ve already gotten so much wear out of these. I paired them with an old $25 dress from Forever 21 because if that’s not a juxtaposition, I don’t know what is ๐Ÿ™‚ I have linked several similar dresses below.

By adjusting your daily routine ever so slightly, you can afford a new designer piece every year.ย Here are my tips to save up for luxury investments.

  1. Skip the Starbucks line.
    I used to go to Starbucks every single day to order my grande iced peppermint latte. This was costing me at least $4.52 each day, and more if I also got a food item. Let’s round up to $5 a day for 365 days. That is $1,825 a year! Once I began making my own coffee at home, I would move $5 from my checking account to my savings account each day. The purpose of this was to move the money out of my checking account each day as if I was still spending the money at Starbucks.
  2. Pack a lunch for work.
    I save around $35 a week if I put my body and my wallet on a mini cleanse by packing a nutritious lunch at least three times per week. $35 a week x 52 weeks a year = $1,820 saved each year.
  3. Host a Girls Night Out at home.
    A night out for dinner and drinks with your best gals can cost upward of $100, as opposed to $30-$40 at home. Instead of going out, host a girls night in at your place once a month. $70 x 12 months = $840 saved each year.
  4. Give the manis and pedis a break.
    This one is hard for me. I have naturally thin and brittle nails so they always feel vulnerable when they’re not lacquered. If you have thin nails like me, you can purchase nail hardening polish at any drugstore of beauty store to protect your nails in between your regular manicure routine. Letting your nails breathe is not only good for them, but it saves you time and money that you’d normally spend at the salon. If you can’t cut back entirely, try getting a manicure just once a month instead of every two weeks. A manicure costs around $35 with tip so you’ll save around $420 each year.
  5. Sign up for a rewards program.
    There are plenty of retailers willing to reward you for shopping at their store. If you don’t want to junk up your regular inbox, create a free email address just for these mailings. Collect every coupon you can then use them for extra savings when you do your shopping for groceries, household essentials, etc.
  6. Clean out your closet.
    Go through your closet and get rid of anything you no longer use. You can have a yard sale, sell on eBay, consign the items, or even donate for a tax deduction. All of these options turn your old stuff into money in your pocket.

None of these tips are foolproof but they are all easy to implement and (hopefully) won’t cause you too much stress.ย If you stick to this plan, you’ll quickly see the dollars add up in your savings.

What are your tips for saving extra money each month? I’d love to hear your money-saving ideas! Also, what are your favorite fashion investment pieces?


  1. Well, your boots are fabulous! But, your money saving tips are good for anyone, whether for a luxury purchase or something less fun, like a home repair. Thanks for the tips!

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