Fall is Here

Fall is here! (at least for a few days) Here in Alabama it’s not unusual to have temps in the 80s all the way until mid October. The past few days we’ve had pleasant temperatures in the 70s and I may or may not have been burning my pumpkin candle every waking hour of the day. What can I say? I am committed to Fall 🙂

I love when Fall fashion starts popping up online and in stores. I spotted this pretty purple dress from Asos and I love the deep, rich color contrasted against the colorful embroidery.

style by courtney fall embroidered dress

Size & Fit

I am wearing my usual size 10 and it is a perfect fit. As usual, the sleeves were too long for me so I had them hemmed and opted not to have the trumpet sleeve put back on the end. I wish I had preserved the trumpet sleeve though because it’s such a pretty detail.

Wear & Care

My very first day wearing this dress, I managed to get something on it before even making it out of the house. I didn’t notice until I was already at work so that was an unpleasant surprise. My good friend Paige is a real champ and helped me wash the entire bottom of this dress in the sink of the office bathroom. We managed to get the stain out but then I went home and ran the dress through the washing machine, which was a BIG MISTAKE. The tag says “machine washable” but that is simply not true. I washed the dress on delicate/cold and it shrunk an entire size. My husband helped me stretch it out but even after our best efforts, it’s still a snug fit. After paying $87 for the dress then another $13 for alterations, I was really irritated that it shrunk so much in the washing machine and I only got one decent wear out of it. So, I say all that to say…if you invest in this dress, be extra careful not to spill something on it and maybe set aside a few bucks for dry cleaning.

Other than the delicate care required for this dress, it is a great dress for Fall. You can find it in blue (on sale!) here. The Asos Curve line also has this dress in purple and the prettiest emerald color here.

style by courtney fall embroidered dress

style by courtney fall embroidered dress

style by courtney fall embroidered dress


  1. Such a stunning dress! It’s a shame that it shrunk in the wash. I almost always hand wash my nicer pieces of clothing now – even if it says it’s machine washable. I’m just too scared to ruin them haha!

  2. You seriously picked the perfect dress. The dress seems a little high maintenance at first with the alterations and such but I think it looks wonderful on you. I love the embroidered look on the top of the dress so much. The color is so very wonderful on you too. the heels with the red bottom too are so wonderful. A++ for this super cute dress.

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